Here’s Why Sridevi’s Sister Srilatha Is Forced By The Kapoors To Stay Silent On Sridevi’s Death

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Sridevi’s death has brought shock waves in the entire nation. Her untimely death has made the entire nation mourn. From the family of Sridevi to other Bollywood celebs, many people have actually mourned the death of the actress. Sridevi passed away on February 24, 2018. She is survived by two daughters Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor and her loving husband Boney Kapoor. The untimely death of Sridevi has created shock waves in the entire Bollywood industry. While the entire nation is shocked by the sudden demise of the actress, the Kapoor family was in grief and mourning at their loss.


From Boney Kapoor and Janhvi to Anshula, Sanjay and Sonam, almost every member of the Kapoor family have come out to show their emotions at the sudden death of the legendary actress. Many other Bollywood celebs have also taken to social media to share their emotional turmoil. But no one from Sridevi’s family was noticed at the sad time.


Many people are shocked as to why even Sridevi’s sister Srilatha was not heard talking about her sister’s death. Sridevi and Srilatha were very close to each other in their youth. But with time, their relationship became hostile. There were tiffs among the actresses about property. But later, when Sridevi received her Padma Shri award, Srilatha and Sridevi came close once again. They were so close that, in fact, she was one of the last ones to have talked to Sridevi before she breathed her last on 24th February.


Thus, it is quite shocking to hear that she has yet stayed mum about her sister’s death. Well, according to a source close to the Kapoor family, “Srilatha has been asked to remain quiet and out of the picture. We don’t know why. We’ve also heard that she and her husband Satish will be given ownership of Sridevi’s bungalow in Chennai.” This property was apparently bought by Sridevi and is even registered in her parents’ name.


We wonder why Srilatha has been offered so much property to remain quiet. This certainly adds to the mystery around Sridevi’s death.