Hardik Pandya Poses With His Super Hot Bhabhi, Even Top Models Can Get Jealous Of Her Beauty

Hardik Pandya has been touted among the strongest and most performing players in the Indian cricket team. He has been playing for India for a long time but rose to negative fame after his appearance in the celebrity chat show Koffee With Karan. Recently, the Cricketer posed with his bhabhi and everyone is getting jealous of her beauty.

hardik pandya bhabhi, hardik pandya brother

Krunal Pandya, brother of Indian star cricketer Hardik Pandya, tied the kont in December 2017 with Pkahuri Sharma. If you take a look at the photos of Pankhuri, you will be sure of the fact that she is as glamorous and stylish as Bollywood actresses and models. She got famous after her pic with the winning trophy of IPL 2017 went viral on the Internet and since then, she has been spotted a lot with Krunal and his brother.

pankhuri sharma, hardik pandya, krunal pandya

Pankhuri and Krunal met each other 4 years ago in a party through a common friend and Krunal proposed to Pankhuri in 2017 after the IPL finished. Pankhuri also didn’t take time in accepting the proposal and families of the couple are also happy with this decision and they got married in December.

krunal pandya and pankhuri sharma, hardik pandya brother and bhabhi

Pankhuri has been associated with film marketing for 5 years but now she is not much interested in her work. She has no interest in the game of cricket but she does watch the match in which Krunal plays. Talking about the quality that she loves the most about Krunal, it’s his simplicity. As per Krunal, families and relatives will attend the wedding and the reception will take place on the same evening.

Pankhuri keeps on sharing her pics on Instagram and taking a look at them, many people must be jealous of Krunal.

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