5 Things All Men Love To Hear In Bed

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When in bed with your man, make him long for you by saying these sexy and erotic things in his ears. You will see how these words just turn him on and make him go even crazier for you. So ladies, if you want to turn the heat up between the sheets, you should definitely Read More

Breast Care Tips: Never Do These 5 Things To Your Breasts

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Womanhood resides in a woman’s breast and in no way should these be harmed. While there are a number of lists surfacing on the internet talking about tips to enhance breast or get them in perfect shape, not many people talk about breast care. Yes, breasts are one of the most precious parts of a Read More

Ambani, The Richest Man In Asia Owns These 5 Most Expensive Things

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The Forbe’s latest list of the richest men in Asia was released on November 1, 2017. According to the list, the Indian business tycoon, Mr Ambani has left behind the Chinese businessman Hui Ka Yan and became the richest man in Asia. His net worth is estimated to be around $42.1 billion (Rs 2.72 lakh Read More

7 Simple Home Remedies To Get Fair Skin

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While we are not advocating fair skin or demeaning those with a darker complexion, there have been many people who have always wondered what it would be like to have a fair skin. Obviously, one should feel comfortable and confident in one’s own skin but there are a number of situations where you feel that Read More

Guide To Deepika Padukone Hairstyles: By Her Hairstylist Amit Thakur

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Deepika Padukone is one of the gorgeous actresses in the Bollywood fraternity in the current times. She has even managed to sweep many off their feet with her luscious locks. Whether it is her appearance on the red carpets or her presence in various Bollywood parties, her voluminous textured waves have become a new favourite Read More

5 Simple And Effective Tips For Long Hair

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“We all love the long and strong hair but because of the stress, pollution and the unhealthy eating habits cannot get them. This article is all about tips for long hair.”   Want to have the long luscious hair but even after trying all your luck, you are still unable to get them? Do you Read More

5 Simple Ways To Get Glowing Skin Overnight

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“From home-made packs to natural moisturizer, here are five simple and proven ways that will help you get glowing skin overnight” Every girl wants a glowing skin that gets all the compliments. They try everything, from going to parlours to trying all the home remedies to make their skins glow. But here, we have come Read More

5 Quick And Easy Tips To Lose Weight In 10 Days

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“The tips that we have discussed below have been proven tips to lose weight, and that too in just 10 days! “   Losing those extra kilos is one of the biggest dreams of a majority of people out there. Many even subject their bodies to excess torture and pain to get the figure they Read More

7 Physical Features Of Women That Men Find Most Attractive

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God created Adam and then made Eve to give company to his first creation. Adam was so mesmerized by Eve that he even ate the forbidden fruit apple which led to their fall.   You might be thinking why we are talking about the creation or fall of mankind. This is just to show that Read More

5 Reasons Why Marriage Is The Best Decision For Men

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We’ve all been brought up with the cliched phrase, “Marriage is the end of life for a man” echoing in our ears. The elders we meet at various get-togethers keep blabbering about the same, marriage has brought an end to their happiness and carefree days. However, that’s not truly the case. Studies have proved that Read More