5 Top Bollywood Item Girls And How They Look Now

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Remember Kaanta Laga? Or Kaliyon Ka Chaman Jab Banta Hai? Yes? Well, we all do. These songs managed to set the entire nation’s feet grooving with their enticing beats and dance steps. The item girls who performed these songs became an overnight hit and popular face in India. But after doing just a few songs, Read More

5 Bhojpuri Actresses Who Can Beat Any Bollywood Actress With Their Beauty

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While Bollywood actresses are considered to be the epitome of supreme beauty, they are not the only gorgeous divas that our country has. There are many other film industries in India as well that have some breathtaking beauty. Whether we talk about Tollywood, Punjabi, Bengali or Bhojpuri film industry, the talent is in abundance everywhere. Read More

Shraddha Faces An Oops Moment While Dancing In A Towel

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Dancing videos are now a rage on social media. Almost every other TV actress can now be seen sharing pictures and videos of herself dancing to various songs. Among them is one of the craziest videos of actresses copying aliens while dancing.   Shraddha Arya also took to Instagram to share a dancing video on Read More

6 Bollywood Stars Who Saw The Death Of Their Mother At A Young Age

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Death is inevitable and it is the only truth. If you are born on earth, you are bound to die. While some die after achieving everything the wanted at an old age, many die young without seeing much in the world. The untimely death of young people leave behind their family and friends in mourning. Read More

6 Bollywood Actresses Who Could Not Survive In Bollywood For Long

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Making a career in Bollywood is not everyone’s cup of tea. Actors have to do a lot of struggle to get into this glamorous industry and even more to stay here. Every year multiple girls enter the glam world to fulfill their dreams of becoming an actress. Out of these hundreds, only a few make Read More

10 Bollywood Celebs Who Were Classmates

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In Bollywood, it is not a surprise to see celebrity kids growing up together. The industry is like a family and the kids of Bollywood are raised up together in this family. While there are a number of childhood friendships in Bollywood, many friendships started even during the elementary school. Yes, there are many Bollywood Read More