6 Top Bollywood Actresses Who Chose To Stay Unmarried And Have Zero Regrets

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In the Indian society, as a girl completes her graduation, rishte start pouring in. From the mama and nana to chacha and fufa, everyone has the perfect guy for the girl. It is deeply rooted in our Indian society that the sole motive of a girl’s life is to get married, have babies, and raise a happy family. But this stereotype needs to be given a break. And this is what many Bollywood actresses are doing. They are role models to the youth and can easily influence them with their actions and there are many Bollywood actresses in Bollywood who have shunned this stereotype that a girl’s ultimate aim in life is to get married. These actresses chose not to get married and have zero regrets over this decision. Here, let’s have a look at the 6 Top Bollywood Actresses Who Chose To Stay Unmarried And Have Zero Regrets.


  • Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is one of the boldest actresses in Bollywood who showed that you don’t need a man to become a mother. The former Miss Universe from India adopted two daughters to experience the joy of motherhood but has not yet married She is a true role model to all those who feel that you don’t need to get married to become mothers and raise your own happy family.


  • Nagma

Nandita Arvind Morarji aka Nagma Sadanah is a politician and was earlier a top actress in the south industry. She is also an example of a strong and independent powerful woman who does not need a man in her life to complete it. She has not married yet and does not regret her decision at all.


  • Ameesha Patel

The gorgeous Ameesha Patel entered Bollywood and gave two back to back hits Kaho NA Pyar Hai and Gadar Ek Prem Katha. She won several hearts but no man could win her heart. She has not tied the knot with anyone as of now and is happy living her single life.


  • Parveen Babi

The top Bollywood actress from the 60s, Parveen Babi, also chose not to get married. She chose to remain unmarried all her life despite being in a relationship with different stars like Kabir Bedi, Mahesh Bhatt, and Danny Danny Denzongpa. She lived as a strong and independent girl but towards her end, she was all alone and died a very painful death.


  • Tabu

Tabu is another Bollywood actress who has chosen to stay unmarried. In an interview, she even went on to say that Ajay Devgan is the reason for her being unmarried. She said, “If I am single today, it is because of Ajay. I hope he repents and regrets what he did.”


  • Asha Parekh

The veteran actress Asha Parekh is still unmarried at 75. She revealed in an interview in 2017 that she was madly in love with Nasir Hussain but she could not marry him because he was already married and she couldn’t break his family. She chose to stay unmarried after that.