5 Bollywood Stars Who Failed In School Exams But Are Super Successful In Life

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Considering that 10th and 12th board exam results are about to be announced, here’s an article to give inspiration to those who couldn’t perform well. Kids, chill! Even many of your favorite Bollywood stars couldn’t pass their board exams. Well, we’ve all grown up hearing that to become successful in life, we need to get good marks. But these Bollywood stars have proved otherwise. They have shown that marks are not everything in life and even if you fail in school, your life does not end there. All you need is an aim in life and just walk in its direction and you will certainly find success. Here are some of the top Bollywood stars who have proved that even after failing in school exams, you can become successful in life. Let’s read the name of the 5 Bollywood Stars Who Failed In School Exams But Are Super Successful In Life.


  • Kangana Ranaut

The Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut has managed to win thousands of hearts with her amazing acting and ethereal looks. She is rightly called the queen of Bollywood. However, she failed in her Chemistry exam in her 12th board examinations. She has proved that your marks are not the only thing that makes you successful in life.


  • Arjun Kapoor

Although born with a silver spoon, Arjun had to struggle with his body and his acting to become successful. Today, he is counted among the top actors in Bollywood and girls certainly drool over this handsome hunk. You would be surprised to know that Arjun failed in his 12th board exams and his failure in exams was the reason why he moved to the film industry as an assistant director and then as an actor.


  • Vir Das

The Bollywood’s popular actor and the international comedian, Vir Das was not very good in school studies. He even shared an inspiring post on social media to motivate the kids which read, “Whether your results are amazing or not, doesn’t prevent your personality from being amazing. At the end of each day of your life people remember who you are not how you did.” He had his fair share of failures in exams and school but that did not stop him from achieving his dream.


  • Akshay Kumar

This might come as a surprise to many Bollywood buffs but the khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay kumar has also failed many times in school. He had failed a number of times in school examinations and just like you and I, he was also scared of showing his report card o parents. Well, seeing how successful he is now, the exam failures seem nothing but stepping stones in his journey to success. ‘


  • Gopi Sundar

Gopi Sundar has won an IIFA Award recently for his song Title in Chennai Express. But did you know that Gopi failed in his 10th exams by a difference of 10 marks. Today, he has given music in more than 70 movies and is super successful in life.