10 Bizarre Dishes From Around The World That’ll Make You Think Twice Before Eating Next Meal

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The mere image of food like burgers, fries, pizzas and tacos can make you crave for a sumptuous meal. Even the Indian dishes like Tandoori chicken, kebabs and biryani can also increase our appetite. Well now that you have got your appetite increased, we will show you the best way to curb that hunger.

The list of food items from around the world is so sickening that it’ll not only make you think twice before consuming your next meal but might even make you puke.

We all want to try out new food from different parts of the world but when the menu comprises of such bizarre food items, we would rather stick to our regular food only. We dare you to try out these bizarre, outrageous and sickening dishes from around the world. Have a look at this list.

1) Dried Lizard

Who doesn’t love Chinese food but what would you do if you saw dried lizards as a part of a menu in China. All I can think right now is, “Who actually eats that?”

2) Insect Chocolate

Why spoil chocolate by adding these cringeworthy insects on top of our favourite chocolate Polish people?

3) Fried Grasshoppers

No one likes the view of a grasshopper in the room, why would the people of China and Thailand fry them in oil and serve them as food.

4) Tuna Eyeballs

Eyeballs for food? How do people in Japan even handle the sight of this ugly looking dish?

5) Fried Rats

China is here with another cringing dish. Fried rats for food! Seriously China people?

6) Drunken Shrimps

Why China Why??? Why do you want people to puke even at the sight of their food?

7) Fried Spider

Like seriously? Spiders are people’s worst nightmare. Why would the restaurants in Cambodia serve fried spider?

8) Bird Nest Soup

This dish is made by hardening the saliva of birds. Only China could have done this.

9) Sannakji- Raw Octopus

Cooked octopus is tasty but eating the slimy and sticky creature raw would be my worst nightmare. You can try it in Korea. If you want to!

10) Yak Penis

Yes, people in China have penis of yak as food. It is served for 100 dollars. Who would waste their 100 dollars on a yak’s penis?